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Ink again

It is easier to pull out a pencil for a fine line, than use the pencil for words!

I'm more visual, the image should say it all ,but I have seen it from advertising words do work indeed (no advertising intended )))).

This is my second run at a blog , I decided if I have nothing wordy to share , I will post an image from that day. No promises of being regular poster but I might just learn a new trick .

All this was prompted by today's work as there is an explanation to be had as I 'm lost and I haven't got a single clue the way I'm going to take this drawing .

I like it when I'm lost ,makes me search for ideas in my vision . Here is the video attached below and at the end you might just ask the same question as I did , what did you do there ?

This is the great thing about creating ,making sense of the nonsense ,does it make sense ?


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