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Catch the match, art pieces are cool together

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

If your space allows it, two or more pieces of art can complement each other very well .

In my recent creations I have found that two artworks side by side continue the visual story line .

There endless inspiration opportunities out there on the worldwide web for small or big spaces . The idea of displaying more than one piece of art by the same artist can be very catchy . image from I absolutely love it .

Is good to start on a small scale and this is how my doubles are a good introduction.

In these two pieces the dogs complement each other, the yellow locks them together almost like mountain from the first piece overflows to the next piece and creates a meadow of yellow with rabbits ..

This bear hug on both pieces create such a calm duo , and hug we all need !

An other idea to display artworks is this corner dispaly !

Stay playful, create !

xoxo Olga


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