• Olga Gál

Portraits ?

Randomly people ask me what I paint ? Most of them are surprised that I paint 'only' animals . The next question is, no human portraits ? I always insist NOPE, I don't like to paint faces.

Today someone I know asked me , what I was working on , I showed her my recent creations .... '' but you don't paint portraits !''

I do now in a series! Famous faces from photos or from paintings.

I try to choose iconic recognizable faces . Being me the animals come as spice in the mixture.

I hope you find the humor in them. I didn't intend to have any serious thought process in these ( I never do just flows out ) is a match making fun , where an act like lace making is replaced by an English Bull or they eyes meet , Mona Lisa's holding a rabbit...

Today I've been working on a new piece , sisters. Is not yet finished but getting there . The title for this is ''They washed me ''