• Olga

Feeling Festive?

Today I pulled myself together to pull the the decorations out , and the boxes are sitting still in the corner unopened. It is a good thing that we remember Christ, the focus this these festive times should be more on Him than decorations. I remember as a kid we used to decorate the tree on the 24 th, not before , now all starts in November .

I 'm not doing a mad dash , keeping my eyes on simple things and if there is something missing I will blame it all, that I was painting . Creating doesn't feel like a job, so I forget to eat , move and others. I started a few , finished two pieces . The first one is titled 'winter meets summer' and you can jump between the two by turning it around, the fawn summer and with the turn you have a leaping winter fox. The second piece 'Shepherd sheep '


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