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Eye of the eyes

Hello dear art lovers, collector and the curious ,

I have been absent for a really long time with the blog but not as long as 10 years since I started creating the merge . Where the eyes meet , a rendevouz or seeing the other through someone else's eyes..

We were created not to be alone .

Most animals in the kingdom like the company of fellow animals . From the occasional solo presentation of a magnificent animal , I have create mostly two because it is better for the two than for the one.

I wasn't a single child , having siblings has shaped me not to like the ALONE . I do like the ME time but it is greater to share.

Behind every animal story, my mood and my day is squeezed in involuntarily. If not by the animal than by the colour . Yellow is always a happy day and if not sunny outside I want to bring it back , if it is sunny than just for the joy of it.

You see what you want to see , is a mood board ! What do you think ,do you find it scary or fascinating ?

I shall say cheerio with this summer E/scape .


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