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quarantine, what to doooo...

For a week now in quarantine , one more to go . Feeling as usual doing gardening and loving spring , the plum trees are in blossom and we have time for everything. We don't have to look at the watch, we get up and go to sleep whenever...

Back to the garden I found some wondrous and very creative ideas to do, aiming for...

Here a few to get inspired !

Insect friendly privacy fence

balcony treat

More privacy fence in the isolation isolate more )

Indulge on your private bench,plenty space to share it ..

More than a garden this is my favorite, what a fence for a veg garden !!!

Will be back to my ink and paper creativity as well. I started a few new pieces but till I have some fresh lines to share , keep your heart busy with good things so there is no space for the panic to settle inside .

Where is our treasure there are our hearts . Happy mothers day and the most important to take care of each other !



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