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Keep me up...

There are many people I met over the years who can talk and talk . Talking is easy creating is harder but writing is one of those things , you got it or you don't .

On personal level I find it easy to talk about the process and the struggles , WHAT STRUGGES ? There is no trouble creating if I keep doing it , like it or not !

The old wisdom says that what you do you don't have to love it , instead doing it you will learn to love it .

I love what I do and not because I learned to love it , just happened because people believed in me and supported me over the years and they still do.

Now writing about what I create it is hard and I was thinking maybe I had no inspiration behind my artworks, instead just flows out , so how could I talk about that ? After all I'm talking about the flow and is not me who controls it. Is just there and is a gift and I'm so grateful for that.

I'm sometimes amazed looking back at my works from different years , one idea how develops into a wave , one idea develops to the next ...

Like periods of hands....

periods of red lines

periods of faces

I remember this piece was the turning point , where the fascination of matching faces started and still continues .

I 'm also reaching back in the past involuntary to the times when I was trying to do the firs artworks that have dual imagery by turning them around .

Now I 'm at the stage where sometimes I combine the the two ideas ( match and turn) .

This period of matching faces that started in 2015 during this last year really took over my doings ! Is nearly an obsession , I remember When I've done a few , I was telling myself , now I must change to something else but is still on.

The eyes are in the focus that is where it all starts. The eyes are the windows of the soul so that might just open a new chapter ....

And before I will really start talking about what I do , I better record a new progress video !


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