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My favorite medium is oil. I know you haven't seen me working with that medium for nearly a year now , still remains nr 1. I thought I stop using it for a short while when the cold started last November . We heat the space with wood burner and smelling that very strong oil paint with linseed oil with closed windows daily , seemed not to be a good idea. Plus some additive !

So my only option was watercolors , ink ,pencil and many others if I could put my hands on something else . I stayed on the practical side ink and watercolor was in the house and living in a small village noting is instant. Only thing is instant over here to work with what I have )

I enjoy the transparency of the watercolor and I use it as it comes, not much mixing . The watercolor for me is for creating an atmosphere, an accent of color not depth .

The lines with Sumi ink I try to keep them playful and not rigid . With these simple steps a new image comes together like magic.

Eve the oil I use it like is watercolor. With the oil I love the different kind or transparency I can create I find it easier to work with . The oil painting never gets tired , any mistake you can correct it and still will look fresh.

I just found one of my works from a few years back . Two rabbits and the medium is oil and wax on paper , you can see how the rabbit in the back looks through the one in the front . I love the feel for this piece.

Might just tickled me to do something in oil.

Ad now that I finished the Horlicks is time to have a good night sleep and count my rabbits!


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