• Olga Gál

Crunch on it

This piece was created back in 2008 titled '' Credit crunch''

The globe is inspired by my silver earring , the eagle is the one that cleans up the rotting flesh in nature and the cleaning still going on. The credit card hanging from the mouth of the eagle has a face with cheeky smile on it .

I still have this piece if you wish to preserve that moment of history that many where affected .

I don't consider it a sad piece is a reminder to stretch your cover as far as it reaches and don't wrap yourself in debt for the sake of material things.

There are things we need and things we want . What about art ? Do we need it or we want it ? Is just like music we want it and we need it in the same time, it is food for the spirit as we are not so material as we appear to be.

A good piece of music calms us down, a good piece of art creates an atmosphere that draws you in, it makes you think, reminds you of something, it touches you and the list is endless .

In case you think you can't create because you can't draw . This might prove it to you that you are wrong . Pick up a pencil and a paper and enjoy , is fun.

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