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Matching titles

The last two pieces of artworks I created have matching titles. One is titled '' Gifted '' the other is '' Vision''. If you wonder how, just put the two words beside each other and you have Gifted Vision.

'Gifted ' 56 by 76

'Vision' 76 by 56 cm

The two pieces are not related at all . This morning I just found it cool how by coincidence the titles match . One follows the other. Looking at them now the fawn, dog is the connection and the dots but is a little happy accident . There are loads of fawn and dots nowadays .... if you followed what I've been creating over the years you might of noticed these waves and patterns in my works.

Talking of dots the previous work is fawn , dog and dots as well! I hope visually still stimulating even if the characters are the same .

'Sleep' 56 by 76 cm

If you you are curious about artworks that connect here is a collection of hugs .


Titles are very important for me, they explain the whole image but it allows the viewer to imagine the rest.

All very excited about what I'm going to create next , I will let the movie roll and I will watch my titles even more !

I close with quote from Marc Chagall

''If I create from the heart nearly everything works , if from the head almost nothing. ''

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