• Olga Gál

Engaging shadows

On the silent spot I live, during warmer times , loads of birds are flying around.

I usually place my artwork at one end of the room opposite to the sofa so I can see what should I do on the artwork ,the sun shines on it . With the bright sun, shadows appear of moving birds on the surface of the paper for a a second or two. I tried capture it, never works out as the camera is never on the right moment. But is one of the most relaxing times of the day.

Anyway as I love those moving shadows of he bird , the leaf dancing on the walls or on the ground , it is as much fun to use my hands on the surface of my artworks. Childhood memories of hand formed animal shadows on the wall ( anyone?). We used to play it when tv's and electrical gadgets where not so dominant in our lives. This is a grown up version I , the tickle , the scratch ) instruction on how to scratch a dog safely )))))

#shadow #dog #animal #drawing #playful #art

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