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Getting it wrong and the year 2019

This was fun as I created this pet portrait I ended up adding extra things to this girl . The funny part of it is that I knew something was wrong and still I couldn't work it out what it was ...

5 legs is an achievement and never happened to me, it must be the practicing so much morph in the lats year that is nothing is ordinary for me on paper. I like mistakes on paper , the most extraordinary things can be born from it .

At the end ended up as it should be !

This year went by like a flash as every other year , one thing is sure the ordinary is never ordinary . We take peace for granted , the other one for granted we tend to think that next year everything will remain the same and we will be able to do the same things . We plan but who is the one gives us the power and the ability to execute these plans ?

I'm not making huge plans for this year I just want to find in the ordinary the extraordinary , I want to see the treasure in others , I want value every moment we where given and use the time well.

Just being grateful for everything is the goal !

Thank you for all the support this year , all the encouraging letters and good words you sent me .

I can't really express how much of a building block every single good word is !

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR , May the 2019 be the year what your heart desires, becomes reality . With the desire I mean the depth of all things .


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