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Waxing but not body parts )

I done my first ''wanted'' drawing back in 1997 and I remember it was a pair of boots. In 97 I decided that I'm going to do art . As a kid my mother used to finish my art projects as I could not draw anything. getting started was hard ! I had help from others , I was so determined to learn and I practiced endlessly .

Fast forward is one material I keep going back to , wax is like an old friend , I started to use wax back in 1998 .

I love using wax on paper, it creates a transparency for the paper and all the colours come to life . Don't underestimate what you can do with wax , candles are lit to create an atmosphere and in this case candles are used to create an atmosphere but not a burnt one but melted version .

Oh and the tec. behind these shared artworks is very complicated ))))) . I heat up a pan , once is hot turn it upside down . Than placing the paper on the top of the pan and holding the candle on the top of the paper I start to play . i could use iron but I like it this way as I have full control on where the wax goes and i can see it not being covered by an iron .

I've attached a few examples of using wax on my creations , producing ,pinks and grays

''birds in my garden'' in private collection the pink patches is wax , I used red coloured candle .

This wax produced some grey clouds ( in private collection)

Using wax on yellow paper how deep that yellow become from the wax ( artwork in private collection)

pink wax again ( private collection)

tea and wax ( in private collection)

some grey clouds again (in private collection)

I will finish it off with a quote and I hope that I inspired you pick up some candles !

Cheerio till next time , Olga

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